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Team Management Workshop for the Rehabilitation Research and Training Institute

July 17, 2009

I led a workshop for the Rehabilitation Research and Training Institute (RRTI) at the Century House in Latham this past Tuesday. It was a fun session for me as nearly ninety people attended and I used a variety of tools in helping staff think about managing their team. I used the acronym STINT to reinforce the day’s outcomes:

  • Skill Building (Communication)
  • Team Building
  • Ideas Management
  • Networking
  • Trust Building

To start off we did a line up based on how far they had come to attend the session and then counted off to create heterogeneous teams of six. This started off the networking and I received some nice feedback from people who were grateful for the opportunity to meet new people. How many times have you attended a workshop and only sat with the people you know? Too often.

Once new teams were created and assigned task roles (facilitator, recorder, and time keeper) I had them brainstorm what a “quality conversation” would look and sound like as we worked together. I used two standards, “speaking and listening for understanding” and “seeking first to understand then to be understood.” There response had to be in observable terms. They eventually distilled it down to a manageable list and ratified it with the thumb tool. Working within this framework initiated our efforts at trust building.

I introduced the idea of team building with our IP3/Collaboration Profile. They all took the Collaboration Profile Questionnaire and I interpreted the results and then shared a PowerPoint presentation on Pixar, the movie company, as an example of a business that walks the talk when it comes to collaboration. The reflection portion of this activity allowed us to explore ideas management.

I wrapped up with the “Garrulous Gabber” presentation which I adapted from Neil Davidson and Jean Kay which once again reinforced the skill of communication.

It was a fun and interactive day and the feedback was excellent.

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