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Day 4 at the Constructivist Conference

July 23, 2009

Day four here at the Constructivist Conference has been very productive for both my team from Heuvelton Central School and for Leading EDGE. Heuvelton has created a nice packet of their work regarding their Professional Development Plan. I hope to read it tonight so I can give them some feedback in the morning. They seem very happy with what they have produced and by all appearances they have every right to be.
Bruce Bonney gave his workshop presentation on “Building a Collaborative Community” and it spurred lots of enthusiasm for Leading EDGE. We have talked to many people who want to learn more about our services. We got a chance to have lunch with the Superintendent and Middle School Principal from Northeastern Clinton Central School and I had a good meeting with the Adirondack Curriculum Project folks. Lots of positive energy here.
Today’s entry wouldn’t be complete without mentioning what a great time we had last night at friend and colleague Diane Bonenfant’s home on Lake Ozonia. We had a great dinner of ribs, fresh corn, and salads and laughed heartily over a game of “Apples to Apples”.
News from the home front will cause me to leave the conference early tomorrow. It has been a great week and I look forward to attending again next year.

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