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Constructivist Conference

July 27, 2009

The Constructivist Conference is over and I’m home adjusting to reality. It was my ninth conference and I’m always amazed at how each conference is better than the previous one. For those not familiar with how it works, teams (mostly of educators) come to the conference with a task in mind. The conference provides a facilitator and using a very structured, constructivist-based process, assists the team in meeting their goals. It walks the talk when it comes to implementing constructivist learning theory. I worked with a great team of teachers and their superintendent from Heuvelton Central School. The last day of the conference I presented a workshop on “Collaboration, To Infinity and Beyond: The Pixar Model”. It included a PowerPoint presentation on how Pixar, the computer graphics movie company, models a collaborative workplace. Participants then reflected on how their workplace contrasted with Pixar. There was an excellent turn out and it was well received.

I’ve got a busy couple of weeks balancing family with work. We have our annual Lower Saranac Lake Shore Owners Association meeting tonight. I am chair of the community relations committee. Tomorrow I chair a public hearing for the Town of Franklin. They are proposing subdivision regulations, something very controversial for our area. Tuesday has me attending the Essex County Tourism Plan meeting and Wednesday is our regularly scheduled meeting of the Village of Saranac Lake/Town of Harrietstown Comprehensive Planning Committee Meeting.

Busy as usual…

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