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Town of Franklin Hearing

July 30, 2009

I facilitated a hearing for the Town of Franklin last Monday night regarding proposed subdivision regulations. It was covered here by the Adirondack Daily Enterprise.

Over sixty people showed up with slightly more of those attending being against the proposed regulations than those being for them. I was impressed by both the quality of arguments both sides made and the civil nature of the debate. I had a chance to chat with a number of people on both sides. Although by nature I support subdivision regulations I appreciated some of the arguments made by those against them. Two things stuck out as being worthy of consideration if the town moves forward in adopting these regulations. 1. I think they need a clear budget to present to the people. 2. I think they should do a thorough inventory of the private lands and rule out those lands that obviously can’t be developed such as wetlands, extremely steep slopes and similar lands so that they have a realistic estimate of the lands that will be impacted by these regulations.

I wish the town luck as they move forward. The Town of Franklin is a great place with great people no matter what side of an argument they are on.

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