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Newcomb Central School – Adirondack Fair

August 26, 2009

I have been working with Newcomb Central School faculty over the last two days along with colleagues Sandy Bureau and Sandy Hildreth of the Adirondack Curriulum Project to create SPEC-based lessons that will culminate in an “Adirondack Fair” event in November. The theme is logging and the essential question is:  How can understanding logging in the Adirondacks inform us about our lives and our world?

The faculty appear excited about the event although some struggle to make the link as tight they would like to their content area. I can’t wait to see the finished challenges. They have also created criteria to measure whether the event will be successful or not and are figuring out how to best organize themselves to make sure the event comes off smoothly.
I have attached their organizational chart and criteria check list.

Great stuff!

Download now or preview on posterous

Adirondack Fair-Criteria.doc (37 KB)

Download now or preview on posterous

Adk_Fair_Flow_Chart.pdf (7 KB)

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