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Gordon College’s Outdoor Education Immersion Students

August 29, 2009

I wrapped up my work with Gordon College yesterday. Here’s a link to a photo of picture of me at the LaVida Camp. Here’s another photo.

We jig-sawed the content of the Teaching and Learning chapter of The Backcountry Classroom and then they worked in teams to create SPEC-based lessons. The lessons were good novice level SPEC lessons. I look forward to seeing refined versions of them. We wrapped up the day with them creating a timeline (made of string and setup outdoors) of the history of outdoor leadership. It was creative with a NOLS coffee cup representing the starting of NOLS, my books representing their publication date etc. I then pontificated way too long on the points of history that I was fortunate enough to have participated in.

Fun stuff… My major hope is that they can make regular connections between what they learned over the last couple of days to their upcoming wilderness expedition. I was flattered that most of them wanted me to sign their copies of The Backcountry Classroom.

Today they are hiking up Algonquin Mt. I doubt they escaped the rain.

I get to spend a few days in the office catching up before Bruce joins me for a day of staff development at Keene Central School (NY) then it’s a little R & R with son Dustin through Labor Day.

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