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Learn what can happen if you go into the woods unprepared

November 17, 2009

This is an excellent article!

If you EVER hike in the outdoors this is must reading. It explains what can happen on that short day hike when you aren’t properly prepared and why you should ALWAYS take the ten essentials with you.

My 10 essentials list for day hikes includes:

  1. Proper clothing with extra layers (including rain gear on sunny days and good footwear) – In an emergency shed cotton clothing faster than a snake sheds its skin!
  2. Water bottle
  3. Food – including extra
  4. Pocket knife or multipurpose tool
  5. Matches or lighter with firestarter (a film canister of cotton balls soaked in Vaseline works well)
  6. Flashlight with good batteries
  7. Map & Compass
  8. First Aid kit
  9. Whistle
  10. Pencil & Paper with something like AFPEP’s Backcountry Trip Planner and Emergency Backcountry Search & Rescue Report
Download now or preview on posterous

Search_Rescue_cutout_Y.pdf (46 KB)

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