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NCCC – Wilderness Recreation Leadership Program – 30th Reunion

November 18, 2009

NCCC-WRLP Reunion - 2009

Thirty former students and staff took part in two evenings of reunion activities November 13 & 14 here in Saranac Lake. As founding program director I worked with Stefanie Kearns current director of the program to organize the activities. A reception was held Friday night hosted by the Waterhole #3 and WRLP graduate Brendon DeVito (02) with nearly twenty people attending.  Former student and adjunct faculty member Eric Holmlund (91) shared a 1984 WCFE Public TV video about the WRLP featuring me and Duane Gould (84). Amazingly neither of us have aged in the 25 years since the filming of the show. 🙂  Brendon was a great host and a few of s stayed until 12:30 then headed back to Mark Twain Camp for a soak in the hot tub before calling it a night.

Saturday was rainy but it didn’t keep me, Steve Campbell, Mark Simon, Carol Zimmerman, Zach Zalocha, Fiona Hopkins and her companion Doug from taking a hike up Dewey Mountain in the rain. The afternoon was spent playing Zach’s board games with the Holmlund children. In the evening sixteen of us gathered at Hohmeyer’s Lake Clear Lodge for a wonderful unique fusion cuisine of Adirondack & Old World blends. Great appetizers, great beer and wine, great entrees, and a great dessert made for a outstanding meal. What was most valued was the camaraderie. Catching up on each others’ lives and sharing memories and photos made for a memorable evening. I thank everyone for coming and look forward to another one in five years.

Attended Friday and/or Saturday Night

Joe Dadey, Gregg Dahlen, Brendan Devito, Jack & Phyliss Drury, Steve Campbell, Doug and Jan Fitzgerald, Todd Fuchs, Marc and Sarah Galvin, Duane Gould and Joanne White, Kim (Massari) and Eric Holmlund, Fiona Hopkins and her companion Doug, Brandi Huff, Moss McCurdy, Brian and Grace McDonnell, Dave & Debbie Meade, Matt Rothamel, Mark & Kathy Simon, Zoe (Sipos) and Jason Smith, Zach Zalocha, Carol Zimmerman

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