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And on the 4th day they rested…Update from Lebanon

September 18, 2010

After a hectic three days of training we took it easy today. We got to sleep in, read our novels, and rest in preparation for our next three day training starting Monday. The Institutes went extremely well and it is so much fun to see SPEC Challenges (lesson plans) written in Arabic and French. The teachers are eager to try out the new tools and activities they have learned.

Last night one of the participants took us out to dinner at “La Plage” (the Beach) on the edge of Beirut on the shore of the Mediterranean. It was a scene out of a James Bond movie with beautiful international jet setters sitting on overstuffed coaches smoking hookahs. The skyline of the city shined brightly behind us and as I watched the waves crash the shore I half expected a high speed motorboat to come roaring over our table that extended into the sea. Fun stuff.

After our slothful day we finally got out of the apartment this evening to get some dinner. We walked down to the general area where we have been experimenting with different restaurants and went to “La Rouge”. We tend to eat dinner before most of the city dwellers (7:30 PM) so the restaurant was empty. By the time we left however it was nearly filled and on our way out we ran into one of our Lebanese colleagues. Beirut, a city of nearly two million people, and we see one of our colleagues in the restaurant we go to for dinner.

A hike along the shore tomorrow and then prepare for Monday.

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