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About The Authors and This Blog

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This blog was created and is maintained by Jack Drury with contributions from Bruce Bonney. Jack and Bruce have been working together since 1984.  Bruce Bonney was a student of Jack Drury’s on a thirty-three day wilderness leadership expedition. Jack became a mentor of Bruce’s, a role that was to switch when Jack took an Education By Design Institute in 1992. In between they collaborated on writing and educational projects in a variety of settings. Their experiences eventually led to their development of a training/teaching model that allows the power of the outdoors to be brought into the classroom. Since 2000 they have played a leadership role with Antioch New England Graduate School of Keene, NH and Network Educational Press of Stafford, England to bring Education By Design Institutes to the teachers of England,  Scotland, Wales, and the Isle of Jersey.  Since 2007 they have collaborated with the folks at International College, Beirut, Lebanon in creating a SPEC (Student-Centered, Problem-based, Experiential, and Collaborative) learning environment.

This blog is designed to share Jack and Bruce’s adventures in education and the outdoors. You will find three specific categories of entries; general education from a constructivist perspective, wilderness education, and facilitation. We encourage you to give us feedback and share your opinions. You can also subscribe to this blog so you will be notified of updates.

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